International Workshop on Ontologies for Multimedia Interpretation and Retrieval

OMIR 2010

"When multimedia analysis meets ontological engineering."

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The International Workshop on Ontologies for Multimedia Interpretation and Retrieval (OMIR 2010) is hosted by the 5th International Conference on Semantic and Digital Media Technologies (SAMT 2010) which will take place on December 1-3, 2010 in Saarbruecken, Germany.

Description of the workshop:

One of the challenging issues in the field of multimedia analysis is to extract high-level semantics from a document. As opposed to the domain of analysis and indexing of textual documents, the visual domain has to face the important challenge of matching human interpretations of image information with the numerical image signature derivable by a computer, defined as the semantic gap problem.

Bridging the semantic gap, which is still an open issue, has spurred continued interest recently, in particular concerning the explicit representations of a priori knowledge (high level semantics). In many domains, ontologies are gradually being accepted as the key technology to describe the semantics of information. In the multimedia domain, they have shown to be a promising solution for making semantics explicit : they overcome the problem of representing implicit and hidden visual knowledge and they can be used as a common reference to exchange semantic contents. As a consequence, many multimedia ontologies have been recently built either to assist multimedia search and retrieval or to navigate in large multimedia collections. These ontologies are usually only hierarchically structured multimedia concept lexicons (or thesauri), rarely used as formal models that support different kinds of reasoning (through description logics) or engineering operations (ontology building, ontology mapping, ontology evolution and dynamics, modularization, etc.).

Although an integral part of other research fields, such as text or speech analysis, the full exploitation of ontologies for multimedia analysis is still largely unexplored. The goal of this workshop is to gather three communities of researchers working in close, yet quite disconnected areas, related to semantic image interpretation:

  1. Image annotation and retrieval,
  2. knowledge-based image analysis,
  3. ontological engineering and reasoning including fundamental work on description logics or conceptual graphs.